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The troubled history of Algiers is manifested in its cityscape, architecture and culture. The capital (and the largest city) of Algeria holds impressive monuments and curious surprises for visitors. French and Islamic influences exist next to each other and make it a place as diverse as its people. Visit richly coloured mosques, discover sights and ruins of days gone by, and taste the spicy and delicious food of northern Africa.

The City

Located in the northern part of Africa, Algeria combines Arab, Berber and French cultures, and offers diverse landscapes: here you can experience and explore everything from desert adventures to urban sightseeing. Just a stone's throw from Europe, the political and cultural capital Algiers gives you an authentic glimpse of the country's struggles and developments throughout history, rooted deeply in the city's architecture and religious buildings. Founded by Berbers as Al-Jaza'ir, Turkish, Spanish and French influences are part of its heritage. The nickname "Alger La Blanche" is due to the many beautiful whitewashed French houses facing the Mediterranean Sea. Dazzling sights as the UNESCO world heritage Casbah, a stunning and well-preserved 16th century citadel, as well as the mosques and the old town will keep you busy for days. As the majority is of the country is Muslim, customs and holidays follow Islam traditions.

Do & See

Apart from museums and cultural sights, it is also the architecture of the city that offers visitors a glimpse into Algiers' history. Have a look at the French influences in architecture and discover great Islamic places of worship. You will find Algiers a diverse place of cultural coexistence and various beliefs.


The capital city of Algeria offers international cuisine as well as delicious local specialities. Among the typical ingredients of Algerian foods are fish, lamb, dates and olives seasoned with strong spices, such as coriander or cinnamon. Local dishes come in generous servings and are accompanied by couscous and various sauces. Prices are usually very low and only the high-class restaurants have the potential to break the bank.


The city offers you a great variety of cafes with beautiful ocean views and spacious terraces. Refresh yourself with a fruity drink or just relax and take a break from the sightseeing with a hot beverage.


Dive into the colourful fabrics and wonderful garments of Algerian culture. Traditional clothes are woven with great dexterity and make an ideal souvenir from the region. Also carpets and jewels are popular and can be found on every second corner in the city centre. For local woodwork and art work, you should try to drop into one of the galleries: you might even catch an artist at work and ask him questions about local craft. Keep in mind that stores might stay closed on Fridays, as it is common in many Islamic countries.

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