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Curaçao is an unquenchable source of natural wonders: the island is enriched by dozens of beaches, secret coves and inlets, and is made vibrant by unique tropical vegetation. Just as colourful is the capital, Willemstad, a true jewel box with Dutch flair and plenty of history — in case that famous blue liquor alone does not set you off.

Curaçao & Willemstad

Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island of 444 square kilometres, which together with Aruba and Bonaire form the ABC islands in the Leeward Antilles. Beyond the Netherlands, its history and relations are tightly linked to many countries in the Caribbean, making Curaçaoan culture immensely diverse. Before the 17th century, Curaçao was home to indigenous peoples and later, Spanish colonisers. They brought a plethora of plants and animals from their homeland, but the arid tropical climate proved challenging for some species. Among their less successful ventures was the Valencia Orange. However, it wasn't entirely fruitless — the bitter offshoot known locally as laraha became the bedrock of the globally acclaimed Curaçao drink. Lots happened during the Dutch rule, from the founding of Willemstad, which soon became a centre for the Atlantic slave trade, to the emergence of oil refineries as a result of ties with Venezuela. After a tumultous 20th century, Curaçao is now an autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with a diverse economy and an architectural and artistic heritage waiting to share Curaçao's intriguing stories with you.


Curaçao is widely known as a melting pot of different cultures, and the local dining scene is a good reflection of it. Beyond the nation's own creations, such as Keshi Yena and the famous blue liquor, you can also indulge in Dutch delicacies and the staples of other Caribbean cuisines.

Do & See

Curaçao is a seamless fusion of Dutch and Caribbean influences. It's a place where dipping into centuries-old local history is as effortless as unwinding on untouched tropical beaches.


From global brand offerings to signature liquor, not to mention the cherished iguana and Chichi doll souvenirs — in Willemstad, it's definitely worth carving out the time to explore the comprehensive malls and the vibrant street-side souvenir shops.

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